Weekly Summary #1


The 'Life' posts start here... my week in pictures!

I had a full week of college this week, but in between the lectures and study (cough, cough), there were trips to Eddie Rocket's and Starbucks (although sadly no pictures) and just general banter.

On Wednesday night we went to Palace nightclub in Dublin...

With my cousin, roommate, and lifelong chum, Barry
We went to the official switching on of the Christmas lights on Grafton St. Although we ended up missing the actual switching on of the lights and got there when it was practically over but still... We had a lovely evening wandering round the city centre and through some of our favourite stores (Brown Thomas, Arnott's, Abercrombie & Fitch, Topshop, to name but a few...)

Credit to Barry for his photography skillz on this one
Part of the Christmas display in Jervis Shopping Centre

I came home to lovely Leitrim on Friday, and last night we celebrated our granddad's 80th birthday, with lots of family and friends. N'aww.
Casual blurry selfie (taken on a 4th gen iPod, of course) with my baby sister
Granddad's birthday cake, made by my mother

And there you have it - my first weekly summary. I thought it'd be nice to do posts like this for a change from all of the beauty posts. I tend to Instagram little snippets of my life like these quite a bit, so if you'd like to see more just follow me at @_ciararara!

To save ye from boredom, I'll just post these weekly summaries when I've got relatively busy weeks and if I've had the chance to take pictures to show you. Otherwise, it'd be weekly posts of college books and assignments, and where's the fun in that?


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