Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation


The first time I purchased Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation was last summer. I was doing my own makeup for my debs (aka prom elsewhere) and needed a foundation without SPF, for the purpose of not looking like a ghost in photos (a tip I learned from watching countless Tanya Burr tutorials). I stumbled across this foundation in Boots, and bought it on the off-chance that it just might do the job.

What do I like about this foundation? Everything.
First of all, Healthy Mix gives a medium to full coverage, and when blended properly, appears flawless and natural on your skin. As well as promising a flawless complexion, it also claims to give a healthy glow, thus I was a bit wary, as always, of having a shiny face (#combinationskinproblems, eh?).But when set with my favourite powder, my skin was shine free. Perfect!

It also claims that these healthy glow and flawless complexion properties last up to sixteen hours - from the moment I put this on on the morning of my debs, until I came home that night I had absolutely no problems with this foundation. It lasted all day and night, with the help of a little primer underneath, of course.

I really like the packaging of this one - there's just something about foundations in glass bottles that appeals to me more than ones in plastic bottles... is that just me? Probably. Also, another weird thing I like about this: the scent. It's sweet and fruity and doesn't give me a headache like other scented foundations... It has fruity ingredients, such as apple, apricot and melon extracts which probably explains the fruity smell.

I first bought this foundation in Vanilla (52) during the summer, and recently repurchased it in Light Vanilla (51), because obviously I've gotten a little paler since. It's also noteworthy that this is the only foundation I've ever entirely used - I generally don't tend to buy the same foundation more than once because I like trying out different ones, but BHM has become an absolute firm favourite. I can guarantee that I will continue to repurchase this foundation for a long time! It's an absolute winner in my book and I can't imagine myself falling out of love with it... ever!

Have you tried Bourjois Healthy Mix?

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is available in Boots for €13.99

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