My MAC Pro Palette


Happy New Year everyone!

This was possibly (i.e. definitely) my favourite Christmas present this year; my very own custom MAC palette!!

I’d been looking for one of these for as long as I can remember – I think they’re just the best idea ever. You can pick and choose whatever colours and shadows you want, which I think is much better than forking out a lot of money for a palette of four colours and only liking and using two or three of them. Plus, being able to build your own palette adds a nice personal touch too.

 This is a fifteen shadow palette – you buy both the insert and the external case separately. The case is really sturdy and strong which is good because I tend to be quite the klutz… 

To start off my custom palette, I got Carbon as a gift – a highly pigmented matte black. I thought this shade would be perfect to start off with because it’s quite versatile – so far I’ve been using it to line my upper lash line and I love it!

Have you tried any MAC shadows, got a palette of your own or have any suggestions as to what I should purchase next? Let me know below! x

MAC shadows retail at €12.5o, the insert €8.50 and the case €18, all at Brown Thomas or MAC stores

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