Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub


This is probably the last of my Lush reviews for a while now (although hopefully not too long!) - the third and final product from my little Lush haul back at the beginning of the month is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub.

One of the more popular Lush cosmetics, the Bubblegum Lip Scrub claims to "keep lips in tip top condition". A bright pink combination of castor sugar and organic jojoba oil, this little scrub smells, as you can imagine, of bubblegum. It's absolutely gorgeous!

You apply this to the lips to remove any dead skin cells, and they're left feeling lovely and soft. What's more, it tastes like candy floss - yum! I always apply a lip balm after using this, to keep my lips hydrated, and then whatever lip gloss or lipstick I'm wearing that day.

As you only need a tiny amount at a time, this little pot of goodness is going to last you for ages. Considering both this, its price of around €7, and its fabulous quality, the Bubblegum lip scrub works out to be a pretty good bargain.

If the pink Bubblegum offering doesn't float your boat, there are two other flavours - Mint Julips and Popcorn. I've tried the latter and it's so yummy. Popcorn is next on my list when I've finished with Bubblegum!

Have you tried any Lush lip scrubs? What's your favourite? xo

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