Lush Tea Tree Water


Recently I made my first ever purchases in Lush (see the whole haul here). One of these was the mini version of the  Tea Tree Toner Water (100g as opposed to 250g). It immediately stood out to me because it contains tea tree, which is amazing for clearing blemishes. 

First of all, this smells really good. I like the smell of tea tree, and it lingers slightly on the skin, leaving it smelling clean and fresh and mmm. With this, you can either spray this directly onto your face or apply to a cotton wool pad and then wipe onto your skin. I use the first method, because it's quick and simple.

I've really liked using this toner - alongside its zit zapping pal, Grease Lightning, it's been doing wonders for clearing blemishes and reducing redness. Also, unlike other toners I've used, it never leaves my skin feeling tight or uncomfortable. It feels so light and refreshing on the skin!

All of the ingredients are natural and fresh, as with all Lush products. This is also a vegan product, if that's something you look out for.

I do recommend this toner for those with oily / spot prone skin. I purchased the smaller version at just over €5, to try it out, but when this one runs out I'll definitely be buying the bigger version.

Have you tried Tea Tree Water?

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