Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash


Hello everyone!

It seems I've gone a little Soap & Glory mad over the last month, eh? Today I've got a quick little post on their Sugar Crush Body Wash.

There's not much you can say in terms of reviewing a body wash, really - yes, this does the job. But what stands out about this product is how heavenly it smells. The Sugar Crush scents are a mixture of what smells like brown sugar and lime - really sweet, so if you're a fan of sweet scents, definitely give this a go!

I love using this purely because it smells like heaven - I'm determined to try out their Sugar Crush Body Scrub, because it has a similar scent. I'm addicted! Next time you're in Boots, give this a sniff. You'll not be disappointed!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash is available in Boots stores for €9.00; not the most budget friendly of its kind, but you're paying for an excellent quality product with a heavenly scent...

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