What's In My Bag? Tag - College Edition


'What's In My Bag?' is an age old tag - you've all probably seen it being done in many a blog post or YouTube video across the web. This is the first time I've done the tag, but instead I thought I'd do a college edition and show what I bring around with me every day.

I couldn't get a photo of my bag that I was particularly happy with, but such is life! It's a black shopper style bag from River Island that I bought back in August, before starting college, for about €40. I was trying to choose between this one and the famous Zara Office City bag at the time (which was reduced to €40), but I bought this one because the Office City bag looked massive.

Anyway, the River Island bag has gold zips, a little gold plate with River Island on it, two straps, and gold clicky buttons so you can open the bag out more if you wish. On either side, there is a large pocket with a gold zip, and inside there are two little pouches for storing small items. It's a great size, I can bring all of my bits and pieces around with me easily, and unlike the Office City bag, it doesn't make me look two feet tall!

So, what's in my bag?

Well, college things first: In case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm studying journalism and Irish. I have two notebooks - the pale blue one is from Tesco, and I use it for general notes from all my lectures. The thicker shorthand one is for when we have to go out and do vox pops on the street, or go into the courts for court reporting and the likes. I think I bought it in a discount shop somewhere. The same goes for the little navy diary - I use this for keeping track of all the little things life throws at me, be it events, deadlines, what blog post is being published when, college holidays, etc. I'm quite a stationary geek and I love having a little diary with me and trying to keep organised. There's also a bunch of pens because, well, a journo can never have too many pens!

I carry a small number of beauty items with me: hand cream is an absolute must, because I loathe having dried hands. My hand cream of choice is currently Soap & Glory's Hand Food, because it smells like heaven and keeps my hands moisturised and soft. Vaseline is another must-have item; the aloe vera version is my favourite because it keeps my lips so hydrated, which is so important during this awful wintry weather. I take whatever lipgloss or lipstick I'm wearing that day; I'm currently loving this Maybelline Colorsensational gloss in Cashmere Rose. I bring a scrunchie and usually some hair pins, for any hair related emergencies. Finally, I bring my purse - this is new, I only bought it the other day because I really needed a new one. It's from New Look, and I got it for around a tenner with student discount - definitely a huge perk of being a college student!

Last but not least, I take my phone, iPod and keys (my phone's not in the picture because it's what I use to take photos, but if any of you are wondering, it's a Nokia Lumia 520). My iPod screen is horrendously smashed because of an incident involving my baby sister last summer... siblings, eh? I don't have many keyrings on my keys - I'd love to get more, because I think they're such a cute thing to have. I do have a Kids In Glass Houses one I bought in Golden Discs maybe two years ago.

There you go, that's what's in my bag! I didn't expect this to be such a long and ramble-y post - hope you bared with me to the end, and enjoyed it, of course!

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