Why, It Could Be Grease Lightning!


I couldn't exactly do a post on this product and not have that as a title, could I?!

Grease Lightning is a recent addition to my skincare stash - I took a trip to Lush last week (haul post here).

It's safe to say I've been absolutely loving this spot treatment thus far. With miracle-working ingredients such as tea tree and witch hazel, this product has been clearing up blemishes wonderfully. I've been using it for a matter of days (once morning and night, although it'd probably work even better if applied every so often throughout the day) and it has already minimized the number of blemishes on my skin and reduced redness greatly. You simply dab the gel onto any blemishes and let the magic unfold.

It's notable, however, that this product will dry out wherever you've applied it - so probably not a product for those with overly dry skin already. You'll also find it might leave those areas feeling quite tight, but I presume it's just the gel doing its job!

All in all, it's a wonderful product. The issues I've discussed above make absolutely no difference, I just thought I should point them out. Just to be completely honest, I suppose!

If you aren't already familiar with them, Lush's products are totally natural and handmade with fresh, natural ingredients. I really like this about Lush products, because you know there's not going to be any nasty ingredients that could potentially harm your skin. It's nice that the ingredients list isn't compiled of only science jargon! Even the packaging is made of recycled materials. Also, Grease Lightning is a vegan product, if that's something you look for in your skincare products.

Grease Lightning is an absolute winner for me - I can see this bottle lasting ages because you only need a tiny amount of product at a time. It's reasonably priced, at €7.50, considering it's a wonderful product and will last ages. I highly recommend this for those with oily / spot prone skin. You won't be disappointed!

Have you tried Grease Lightning?

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