Batiste Dry Shampoos // Cherry & Oriental


I'm sure at this stage we're all very well acquainted with Batiste's Dry Shampoos and their ability to make day-old hair look freshly washed, so I'll not go into too much detail.

However, Batiste regularly bring out new scents and variations of their original dry shampoo, and today I thought I'd bring your attention to two relatively new versions that I've been using recently.

I bought Cherry and Oriental some time ago when Boots were doing a 'buy one get one half price' on Batiste - I thought I'd be savvy and money-wise and stock up while they were discounted, student life eh? - and over the last few weeks I've been switching between the two.

Cherry, described as being "fruity and cheeky", obviously smells like cherries, and Oriental has a different sort of scent - it's marketed as "pretty and opulent". I can't really describe the scent better myself - I originally bought it because the packaging is so pretty!

Anyway, I like both of these, they work exactly the same as the other versions of Batiste, although they smell really good - I'm not a fan of Tropical, and I've recently gone off Blush, (although I still quite like Original and Fresh - they're not as strongly scented!) so these have been a nice change.

What's your favourite Batiste scent? Have you tried these? xo

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