Budget Beauty Buys: Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Base & Top Coat 5 in 1


We all know how important top and base coats are in nail painting: the top keeps your polish shiny and chip free for longer; the base keeps coloured polishes from damaging or staining the actual nail. If the idea of forking out for two separate products doesn't appeal to you, fear no more: I've found a budget friendly solution.

Enter Rimmel Nail Nurse 5 in 1. This clear polish has five promises: for smoother, stronger, longer, moisturised and shinier nails. It's handy because it can be used as both a top and base coat, so you're getting two products in one here. Although I haven't yet noticed dramatic changes in the condition of my nails, which are pretty healthy as is, my nail polish has been staying on a lot longer than usual. Typically, my nail polish would be chipped and practically gone within four to five days, but I'm on day eight at the moment and the majority of it is still hanging in there (although it's not a pretty sight, I can assure you)!

For all that it promises, and its ability to work as two products in one, Nail Nurse retails at €6.45 in Boots. Not bad, eh? Plus, as well as being very essential, a clear polish is one you'll definitely get plenty of use out of. It's not like a fad colour polish where you'll use it twice and leave it to separate in the bottom of a drawer somewhere. I can see myself getting loads of use out of Nail Nurse in the weeks to come.

Have you tried Rimmel Nail Nurse? Got a favourite top / base coat?

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