How To: Deep Clean Your Make Up Brushes


Makeup brushes are a fundamental part of makeup application. We all use them - (or at least, we should!). However, when brushes are used day in day out, they can get quite grubby, and not so pleasant. Keeping your makeup brushes clean is so important - facial brushes, for example, get covered in dead skin cells and germs, and thus these are spread all around the face everytime you use them, and can cause spots, blemishes and all sort of nasties. If you've already got problematic skin, you'll spread spots even further by using filthy makeup brushes. 

So with that lovely image in mind, today's post will teach ye how to deep cleanse those brushes and have them good-as-new. You should deep cleanse your brushes every two weeks maximum, to rid them of bacteria and such.

You'll need some baby shampoo - I use Johnson's, I picked it up for €1.49 in Dealz! (the Irish Poundland) there's no need to splurge! - it's gentle and won't damage your brushes. 

Step One: squeeze a small amount of baby shampoo onto the palm of your hand. The size of the amount you'll need should be in proportion with the size of the brush you're cleaning i.e. you'll need more for a chunky buffing brush and you will for a fine liner brush. Take your dirtiest one first and swirl the brush in circular motions on the palm of your hand.

Step Two: Hold the brush under running water (I use warm water) in the sink and let the water do the work - watch as the old makeup just runs off your brush, luurvely. When the water runs clear, you'll know it's done. I usually give it a few more swirls in my palm to make sure there's no excess shampoo still on the brush. If there is, I'll rinse it again, give it a few gentle squeezes and voila. Clean brush! Gently with your fingers, just smooth the bristles back into place, making sure the brush is in it's original shape.

Step Three: Place the brush lying flat on some tissue to dry. Make sure you leave them lying flat and not standing up - otherwise, the water will run into the inside of the brush itself and damage the bristles, making them fall out. 

Repeat with all of your brushes and leave them to dry. They make take a while - the larger brushes will anyway - and I usually leave them overnight to be sure!

Now, no excuses - happy cleaning!

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