Live: Ellie Goulding, March 1st, Dublin


Happy Monday e'erbody, hope you've had a good weekend!

I've certainly had an exciting one: last Saturday night I went to see Ellie Goulding in the O2 Arena in Dublin. I promised I'd share some pictures today, and without further ado...

They're not excellent for the most part, since all I had was my phone, and it's not exactly renowned for its wonderful camera... hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Before the show, we got to chill in the Priority room, and go upstairs in the bar and sit in one of these big 'bubble' like structures that had seats all along the inside and twinkly lights hanging from above; really cute!

We then ventured back out into the main arena and watched some of Chloe Howl's set. She was so good and we met her afterwards and got a photo - sadly I don't have it on my laptop right now so I can't add it to this post :(. 

Ellie was absolutely spot on the entire time - at one point she serenaded us all with an acoustic rendition of Guns and Horses, which was fab! One of my highlights was Anything Could Happen, because it was one of my favourite songs of last summer and when she performed it, the atmosphere and energy in the room were incredible! Those three minutes were definitely one of my highlights of 2014 thus far. I even have a minute-and-a-half video recording of Your Song, which was so so lovely. Her voice is just, gaahh amazing!

Some of my other highlights were Goodness Gracious, I Need Your Love and Starry Eyed. The setlist was really good and had a mixture of songs from both of her albums. At one point, everything went dark and she asked us to hold up any lights (phones, cigarette lighters, you know). When we turned around and looked out across the seating area, it was all twinkly lights and looked unreal. My photo below really doesn't do it any justice!

I must say, as much as I love intimate indie / rock band gigs, there's something unreal about a good pop concert. There was an incredible vibe the entire time, the whole standing area was bouncing when Ellie performed the likes of Anything Could Happen and Burn. It's just an amazing atmosphere!

So, a brilliant way to kick off March. What did you get up to this weekend? xo

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