My Make Up Brush Collection #1 feat. Real Techniques


Hey all!

So I don't often talk about brushes and tools a lot on this blog, thus today I'm bringing you the first part of a two-part mini series all about my makeup brush collection. Yay!
It's only in two parts because my makeup brush collection is not very extensive (in comparison to some), and I'm splitting it into base brushes and eye brushes.

When it comes to base brushes, I have four - they're all from the Real Techniques Core Collection.  I got these brushes nearly a year ago and they're almost in just as good condition as when I first got them! This set of four brushes is almost €30 in Boots, but I got them on Amazon for around £15 / €20, so shopping around online will save quite a bit!

First up, and my favourite of the bunch is the Buffing brush. I use this all the time for applying foundation and powder. It's quite thick and chunky, with super soft bristles, and gives a lovely finish to foundation once you've buffed it all in. I use it a lot for blending too, like when I've applied bronzer beneath my cheekbones or a tad too much blush, I'll just blend them in with this to soften their effects. It's quite a universal brush, you can use it for applying a lot of base products!

Next we have the Contour brush. A lot of folks use this for different things, like concealer and powder, but I use it for its intended purpose - applying bronzer, blush and highlighter. Like the buffing brush, it's great for a multitude of tasks and is oh so lovely and soft!

The Pointed Foundation brush is probably the brush I use the least out of the collection - it's quite a bit smaller than most flat foundation brushes, thus it would take ages to apply foundation with it. I sometimes use this for applying concealer under my eyes, but other than that, I can't find much use for this brush.

Finally, there's the ever so small Detailer brush. I use this sometimes to apply concealer on tiny blemishes, but the majority of the time, I use it for applying a light colour on my inner eye corners. Before I got the eye makeup brushes I use now, I used this a lot for applying eye makeup.

I love the buffing and contour brushes in this collection, it's just a bit of a shame that I don't get as much use out of the other two. Keep an eye out for the second half of this series, hopefully coming later during the week, where I'll be talking about all my eye makeup brushes!

To learn how to keep your makeup brushes squeaky clean and bacteria free, read my post on deep cleansing HERE. xo

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