My Makeup Brush Collection #2 - Eyes


Hi everyone!

As promised, today I bring you the second half of my mini series, all about my makeup brush collection. Today I'm discussing all the different brushes I use for my eye makeup.

This time, I've got number of different brushes from different brands. The majority of them are from the Real Techniques Starter Kit, but I also use brushes from Urban Decay and Maybelline.

First out of the Real Techniques bunch is the Deluxe Crease brush - I use this for applying shadows in the crease of my eye. It's slightly too big for this task though, so you have to be careful with how much product you put on the brush, and how you apply it, or things could get quite messy.. this would also be great for blending concealer under the eyes either.

Next is the Base Shadow brush, used to apply shadows across the lid of the eye. It's a great size and definitely fit for its purpose - with this brush, it's easy to sweep a shadow across the lid in seconds.

The purpose of the Brow brush is pretty obvious - I don't use this one often because I'm more of an eyebrow pencil kind of gal. I've yet to invest in a matte shadow to suit my brows (MAC Satin Taupe I'm lookin' at you), but when I do, this will definitely come in handy. A lot of brow brushes can often double up as angled eyeliner brushes, but unfortunately this one's just a tad too thick to get a perfect line.

On the other hand, the Pixel-Point Eyeliner brush is one I use quite often. Despite it's name, it is bigger than one would expect so if you're looking for a perfect fine line behind those lashes, this won't be the brush for you. However, I use it with MAC Carbon behind my lashes for a kind of blurry eyeliner effect. It'd be perfect for using in a smokey eye look as well.

Aaaaand the last brush of the RT lineup is the Accent brush. I used to use this a lot for applying MAC Carbon along my lash line, before I fell for the pixel-point brush. This is quite good for applying shadows along your bottom lash line. It's tiny and good for blending shadows along the bottom lashes.

Aside from the Real Techniques Starter Kit, I have a couple of brushes I use for eye makeup. I use the groovy (yet slightly grubby) looking lash brush to comb through my lashes after I've applied mascara, to keep my lashes from clumping together. I can't for the life of me tell you where it's from, but you can get lash brushes from most makeup brush brands. It's not exactly one you have to spend a lot of money on really. The Maybelline brush came with a gel eyeliner, obviously by Maybelline, and I use this for applying said liner. Also not pictured is an Urban Decay brush I got with their Mariposa palette - it's a mini flat shadow brush for applying shadows.

And there you have it! My entire makeup brush collection. I hope you all liked this mini series - you can read the first installment HERE where I talk about my base brushes.

To learn how to keep your brushes squeaky clean and germ free, read my 'how to' post HERE.

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