Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick And Thin Eyeliner


I can't believe I've had this eyeliner for as long as I have and barely mentioned it on the blog until now - I actually think I lost it for a few weeks and couldn't photograph it or whatever, but I've had it ages and thankfully we were reunited a couple of weeks ago and all is well.

What am I rambling about? Oh yes, it's the Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner in 001 Black. It's waterproof and has a '3D applicator' (I don't see how it couldn't be 3D, but that's neither here nor there..). It was the first felt tip liner I tried and honestly, I thought it was love at first flick..

The pen has a funny shaped nib that allows you to create a thick or thin line, whichever you prefer, which I quite like because there are pens that have just a thick nib or just a thin one and you don't really have a choice. With this one, it takes a bit of practice, but it's not overly hard to get the style or flick you want. Practice really makes perfect when it comes to eyeliner!

Despite being waterproof, I don't think it lasts as well as I originally thought it would. I'm talking three, four hours wear before things get a bit smudgey. It lasts better along the lash line than it does as a flick on the outer area of the eye. It's not the most pigmented eyeliner pen out there - it's not the blackest black, but merely an 'off-black' if you will. I've found that mine is starting to dry out too, although notably, I have been using it for ages.

Having had it for so long and used it so much, I've been able to properly sum up my thoughts on this product and although it has its fine points - easy to use, lasts relatively well although not superbly - I don't think it's as good as I originally thought it was. I guess the infatuation has faded! It's certainly not up to the standard of Rimmel's Waterproof Kohl Pencil Liners - now there's some bargain eyeliners that pack a punch!

It is quite budget friendly, at €6.95, but when this runs out I'd probably go for something else. I've been hearing great things about a certain new Bourjois felt tip liner and I really want to try it!

Have you tried the Scandaleyes Thick and Thin Liner? Got any felt tip liners to recommend?

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