A Bargain Argan Oil


If you're looking for a life saving hair product that won't break the bank, LOOK NO FURTHER! I may have found just the thing..
The product in question is this Argan Oil hair treatment. I can't actually find a particular brand name for this product, but oh well. 

This hair treatment contains moroccan argan oil extracts, is an "intensive hydrating treatment that "repairs and rejuvenates, leaving hair shiny, smooth & healthy". It's enriched with Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant that's renowned for its benefits to hair health. 

I apply this to the ends of my damp hair and run my fingers through the ends and lengths to distribute it a bit more - I apply it more so to the ends initially because that's the most damaged part of my hair. The lengths are doing a-okay. I just leave it in and blow dry as usual, and my hair ends up smooth and soft. Be careful, though - applying too much can leave you with greasy ends! I also never brush my damp hair after I've applied the oil because it spreads it into the roots and they really don't need any extra oil! I run my fingers through my hair instead.

Now for the best part about this hair treatment - this 100ml bottle, which will last absolutely ages is merely €2.99! You can pick this up in supermarkets - I bought this 'un in Lidl actually - or even discount shops like Dealz (Irish Poundland essentially). Don't be put off by the super low price, it's an excellent product. Who needs to spend €30 on argan oil anyway?

Are you an argan oil fan? xo

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