Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


Garnier are the latest beauty brand to jump on the micellar water bandwagon - although this time, their offering has gotten a lot of comparisons to the famous (and pricey) Bioderma water that many a beauty blogger raves about. Now although I haven't used Bioderma, thus can't make a comparison, I can share my thoughts on Garnier's offering.

First of all, I picked this up in Boots when they were offering 1/3 off Garnier skincare - thus I got it for only €4.19 (usual price €6.29, which is still pretty good). It's quite a big bottle - 400ml of product, which is apparently equal to 200 uses. Not bad for under a fiver!

Garnier's micellar water is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic and has been dermatalogically and ophthalmologically tested (the latter meaning it's suitable to be used around the eye area). Not only this is made for removing face makeup, it's also supposed to remove eye and lip makeup too. 

You basically pour a drop of this on a cotton wool pad, and wipe away your makeup. Simple! What I really like about this is that it really does remove eye makeup too; just hold the cotton wool pad on the eye for a couple of seconds and wipe away. For only €6 (although it's usually on offer!), you can't ask for much more. Does exactly what its supposed to, won't break the bank, will last ages because it's a massive bottle = love.

Are you a Micellar Water fan? xo

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