Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder in 001 Bronze


A quick glance at this Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder* and you might be a little frightened - on first impression, there seems to be a lot of glitter in this little shimmer brick and if you're devoted to contouring with a matte bronzer, it might even put you off (Also, just noticed that the darn glitter doesn't really show up on the pictures, but trust me, this is riddled with the stuff).

This Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder (in 001 Bronze) comes in a cute little circular compact that doesn't take up too much space in the makeup bag and has that satisfying little snap sound when you close it. 1 point to GOSH so far.
Inside, there are five different shades - four are different variations of bronze, some warmer, some cooler than others. The fifth is just a bold white, presumably there to be used as a highlighter. Each shade is riddled with tiny gold glitter particles, which might set off alarm bells for some - no one wants a bronzed disco ball for a face, do they?

The idea is that you can swirl your contouring brush around in the compact, picking up each of the colours, and then apply them to the face to create a "sun kissed summer glow". I can see this being quite useful in the summer, when we're all a little bit more tanned!

Thankfully, the glitter doesn't show up on application - I used a Real Techniques Contour Brush, swirled the four bronze shades together and applied it along my cheekbones. You have to be careful when applying this - it's a helluva lot more pigmented than I expected! It creates a lovely, warm glow on the skin - I blended the edges using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush

As for the white shade, I used a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush to apply this along my brow bone - for some reason, this does show up shimmery, which is ideal, because it makes a perfect highlighter. It's notably not as pigmented as the other four, however.

Overall I think this is quite a handy little compact - you've got some fab bronzer shades and a highlighter in the one, thus taking up less space in the makeup bag!

This Gosh Bronzing Shimmer Powder retails at €12.99, and can be purchased in Superdrug stores and on the Gosh website.

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