Oh, Where Did That Blogger Go?


Hey, remember me?

I'm not sure if you've all noticed, but I feel as if I've been a very bad blogger recently. I've gone quite off track when it comes to posting everyday, and when I do post, I feel as if I've been very lazy about it and not put in as much effort as I should. Maybe this is just me, maybe you've all noticed, but basically: I'm soww-eey. (insert puppy dog eyes & pout face). I felt obliged to sit down and write a little rambley apologetic post to you all, so here it is!

Basically, I've been feeling very uninspired recently when it comes to blogging. Maybe it's because I haven't set foot in Boots or even a pharmacy over the last couple of weeks (which is an absolute record for me), with the exception of buying a Mother's Day present for herself! So there's that - I haven't been trying anything new, and don't really have anything new to review. Sad face :-(

It's also down to the overwhelming amount of college work that's being flung our way over the last three weeks. Endless assignments, oral exams, and then of course there's the impending end-of-year exams kicking off in May, just before my birthday. Yay! I've been quite overwhelmed with college things, plus trying to keep a blog going, plus trying to have a social life and well, I've never been very good at juggling, so something had to suffer. Of course, summer is a-comin', and I honestly could not be more excited.

I know blogging is a hobby for most of us - it certainly is for me at the moment anyway - but I think when you build up a readership, no matter how big or small, you owe it to them to keep said blog going, to keep creating new content and keep e'erbody happy. That's how I feel anyway.

So after all of that, I hope y'all understand. My blogging standards have slipped a bit, I feel, and I do hope to get back into the swing of things very soon. I'm a busy bee this week, inbetween college, assignments and having my best friend stay with us in Dublin - she goes to university in London, so we rarely see each other, and I'm uber excited!! I'll be doing my bestest to keep the wheels turning on the blog side of things, because I do love blogging dearly, and I can't see myself ever wanting to give it up!

I would love suggestions for posts on anything y'all want to read - tweet me (@_ciararara) or drop an oul' email my way (ciarapocket@hotmail.co.uk) if there's anything you'd like to see. I'd love to start doing step-by-step makeup looks, if that's something you're interested in; anything at all - tags I should do, products to check out, anything outside beauty either, surprise me! My well of inspiration is running dry, sadly. I just need a little kick in the right direction!

Toodle-ooh for now, readers! xo Ciara

(also, the title is a Fall Out Boy reference, just because! ;) )

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