Review: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


If you've seen my April Superdrug haul post recently, you'll know that one of the items I picked up was the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I already own two of the Real Techniques collections - the Core and Starter collections - but I'd never bought any of their individual brushes.

The Real Techniques brushes are quite cleverly colour coded - the orange ones are for base makeup, the purple ones for eyes and the pink ones are for the finishing touches, like blusher, powder, etc. Previously I used the Buffing brush for foundation, but I've started using the Expert Face brush instead and I've loving it.

The Expert Face brush isn't as wide as the Buffing one, but as always, the bristles are super soft and feel amazing against the skin. It's more oval shaped that the circular Buffing brush, so it would also be good for applying bronzer in the hollows of the cheeks.
I much prefer using this one for applying foundation. It gives a full, even coverage - I use it like a normal flat foundation brush, like I'm 'painting' on foundation instead of buffing in circular motions. It gives a more flawless, even finish and doesn't use as much product!

Overall, I really do like the Expert Face brush. It's great for applying foundation, but could also be used for other purposes, like contouring. The oul' Buffing brush is definitely better for applying powder, but again, can be used for other purposes. I love the diversity of the Real Techniques brushes, because although they're named for a specific task, they can also do a multitude of others - total bargains!
You can pick up the Expert Face brush in Boots here for €13.29, where they're currently on a 3 for 2, or in Superdrug, where I got mine, for £8.99 here - they may even still be on buy one get one half price!

Are you a Real Techniques fan? Got the Expert Face brush in your collection? xo

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