Review: W7 Lip Lights


Today I'm bringing you another budget beauty gem from the brand W7 - their Lip Lights ligloss, possibly the most accurately named lipgloss on the market.

Lip Lights is a pale pink glittery lipgloss, that can be worn on it's own for a subtle lip look, or over a bold lipstick for a glossy effect. It won't last forever, can even be a bit sticky at times but for about €4, you can't really ask for much more! It has a small doe foot applicator and is only very slightly scented.

The coolest thing about W7's Lip Lights has got to be its packaging - it looks like a typical, hard plastic casing with a twisty black lid but when opened, you find two little lights embedded in the lid. Cool, right? There's also a small mirror on the external packaging, so it's easy to touch up on the go, and even in the dark.

 It mightn't be the best quality gloss in the world, but it has its perks. It adds a subtle shimmery effect to any lip colour, and even though it won't last long, you won't have to worry about packing a mirror for touch ups, because it's right on the gloss. A nifty little gadget, no?

I know a lot of small Irish pharmacies tend to sell W7's products - Cara Pharmacy usually sell it for only €2, but this weekend they're doing 20% off makeup, so you can buy it here for €1.60! Those of you outside of rural Ireland can pick it up on Fragrance Direct here for a fab £2.20. I think the shade I have is simply called 03, or on some sites, Rose Pink.

Have you tried W7's Lip Lights?

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