The Lip Care Duo feat. Lush & Vaseline


Lip care is something that is often overlooked in many beauty routines, yet it shouldn't be so because looking after your lips is so quick and simple.

My essential lip care duo, pictured above, are the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub and a small tin of Vaseline with aloe vera. These two are my dream team when it comes to healthy and luscious lips!

When applying my makeup, I always make sure to prep my lips before going in with whatever lipstick / gloss I intend to use. I take the Lush scrub first and use a small amount to buff away any dead skin cells from my lips, leaving them smooth and soft. I then apply some Vaseline to hydrate and soothe them. The end result? Soft, healthy and smooth lips. Simply slick on your lipstick du jour afterwards and you're good to go.

If you haven't got a tin of Vaseline in your life, I highly recommend picking one up! It's such a diverse product and can be used for a multitude of beauty tasks. I'd definitely suggest buying the one with aloe vera over the others, especially if you're looking to moisturise dry lips, because aloe vera is a wonder ingredient when it comes to hydrating and healing skin!
The lip scrub isn't as essential, but it's nice to have - especially during and after the harsh winter months, when your lips need that little bit more TLC.

Have you any favourite lip care products? xo


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