Boots 3 For 2 Is My Weakness...


In case it's not blatantly obvious from the contents of this blog: Boots' mega 3 for 2 offer is my ultimate weakness. Y'all know how it is; you go in looking for one thing and BAM, you're broke, with an armload of new makeup goodies.

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but last week after my first exam (which feels like absolutely ages ago, because I'm finished today, eeek!), I wandered to my nearest Boots store, to buy a foundation, because my current one's getting frighteningly empty, and well, it happened again. I caved. Soz bank balance xo

So, the foundation in question is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal foundation - this was only €12.99, which surprised me because it's usually around €16! If you're an avid reader of CP, you'll know that the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is my faaavourite. I'll leave it at that because I do tend to ramble about this one!
New additions to my makeup stash were the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and the Soap & Glory Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat mascara. I've heard great things about the Bourjois CC Cream and really wanted to try it for myself - I know I've gone and bought two base products here, but the foundation has a medium/full coverage, whereas I suspect the CC cream's coverage will be much lighter, and it's nice to have a choice! It promises a luminous complexion and smooth skin, with 24hr hydration and an SPF of 15 - sounds like the perfect summer base to me! I was actually surprised by how much product there was in this tube - it's 30ml, which is just as much as your average foundation. This will last me ages!

As for the mascara, its Thick & Fast Super Volume counterpart is an absolute favourite of mine, although I never see it stocked anywhere, so I went for the High Definition Collagen Coat version instead. Just look how fab the packaging is! Gold! So glam. Apparently the brush is supposed to work wonders - it coats, combs and curls, with a "super defining 7 sided fan flare 180 degree brush. I'm really curious to try this out. I really hope it's a good 'un, because the packaging is just.. wow!

And that's it for this little 3 for 2 haul. I did have a voucher that got me €1.50 back in points, which is always useful! I've kind of got post-shoppers-guilt right now but oh well, all in the name of research, eh? ;)

Have you bought anything on Boots 3 for 2 lately? Are you as hooked as I am? xo

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