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Hey everyone!

So award season is upon us, and this year hair brand Aussie have teamed up with Irish women's site, to bring us the Amazing Aussie Blog Awards. Nominations have begun and it's open to blogs based in Ireland. There are five categories: Most Aussome Beauty Blog, Most Aussome Fashion Blog, Most Aussome Newcomer, Aussie Reader's Choice and Most Aussome Blog.

I know it's a long shot - my blog is rather small, but it would mean the world to me if you guys would nominate me for Most Aussome Newcomer! It's open to Irish blogs running for less than two years, and it gives the winner a chance to work for for two weeks. Since it's my dream to be a fashion and beauty journalist, this would be an incredible opportunity - it'd make me indescribably happy!

But of course, I can't do it without you readers, so if you think my blog's worthy of being Aussie's Most Aussome Newcomer, please nominate me here. Nominations close on May 28th. For blogger's contact details, just enter my email address:

If you do nominate me, thank you thank you so so much!! It's a tad cliché but I genuinely mean it when I say that I appreciate everyone who takes time to read and comment on my posts - I never thought I'd get one follower, let alone over 160!

Thank you all again, you're all stars!

Ciara xxx

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