Gooood morning everyone! I'm nineteen today yaaaaaaay!

I don't know about you guys, but I really love birthdays. They're just super duper, how could you not love 'em?!
I got some cute presents from the fam this morning - including a Benefit kit (wooo!) and a cute drawing of my family from my little sister, who's six. Apparently, I'm the one in the purple dress!

Anyway, today I'm taking a day off - from studying and blogging (this post doesn't count ssshh), and going shopping with some of the fam, then meeting up with friends tonight for a few celebratory drinks. I can't wait! The most annoying thing about university is that we're all separated and all studying in different parts of the country, plus we always have different holidays and things going on so it's rare we actually get the chance to meet up, altogether. So I'm very excited to see everyone again tonight, eeek!

That's all from me today, folks - hope you all have a lovely day and a great weekend! I'll probably post some pictures or do a little summary post of what I get up to today, here's hoping anyway!

See you all tomorrow!

Ciara x

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