Penneys / Primark SS14 Haul - May 2014


I spent most of my birthday last Friday doing what I do best (ruthlessly spending my money) and of course, what's a shopping trip without a good oul' spree in Penneys / Primark? Since we all love a good Primark haul, I thought I'd show you the things I picked up!

One of the first things that caught my eye was this gorgeous flower crown (€3) - I'm obsessed with these this spring / summer and I've been dying to get my hands on some ever since I watched Melon Lady's Claire's haul a few weeks ago. Now I've got one of my very own and I'm in love with it! There's also a hot pink one, but I chose the white one because I tend to wear a lot of red lipstick and / or monochrome clothing, so it'll go with so many different outfits and looks.

I then wandered round the shoe section and spied these gorgeous white dolly shoes (€13)- look how pretty they are!! I've been lusting after some dolly shoes since seeing them in one of Hannah from Away With The Fairies' outfit posts. I love these, they're so summery and will look so cute with little dresses and skirts and the likes when (if) the weather gets better!

I've been needing some new sunglasses too, after breaking last year's pair (oops). Penneys have a massive selection of sunglasses, it's unreal! So obviously, I found a couple of pairs I really, really liked and couldn't choose between the two, so I got these super cool white ones (€1.5o), and a cute pair with a pretty daisy print! (€2).

I also picked up this pretty cream lace kimono-esque piece (€11) - how summery is this?! The photos don't really do it justice, but it has a gorgeous floral print in the lace, and some cream tassles on the end (hitting so many trends there - lace, white, tassles, etc.) This will just add a pretty summer vibe to my outfits, and will be perfect for just throwing on over a tshirt and shorts, to make it look like I made more of an effort than I did! ;)

Finally, I got another head / hair accessory - this cool gold headpiece (I think it's supposed to be like a 'bindi'), which was only €3. I'm really getting into headpieces and hair accessories this year, for some reason! I think this one looks really cool, and gives quite a boho edge to an outfit.

And that's all I got from Penneys! I probably would've bought a million other things, but luckily, I restrained my self (bank account sighs with relief..). They have some gorgeous fairy lights in stock though, I found a pretty set of white roses that would look gorgeous in my room, so I may pay Penneys another visit soon....

Have you bought anything nice in Penneys / Primark recently? xo

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