Review: Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation


Towards the end of March, myself and a friend ventured into Brown Thomas on Grafton St., armed with a few vouchers from a BT magazine (given to us by a lecturer, funnily enough), and lo and behold, one of the products we emerged with was the Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation. The ladies at the counter (in BT2 actually), gave us each a cute little pot of the foundation, and a petite fluffy foundation brush.

Bare Minerals are all about "makeup that's actually good for your skin". This foundation intends to provide flawless coverage, with a 'no makeup look and feel'. The creamy minerals diminish the look of imperfections without drying out the skin, and apparently, it's been clinically proven to improve skin clarity within as few as four weeks!
Now I know my tiny little sample isn't going to last four weeks, so this is more of a first impressions post.
I was expecting pretty big things, because a full size product retails at €28 and obviously, if you're going to splurge that much on foundation, it'd want to be a good 'un! (Although it's not as pricey as some high end foundations coughcough I'm looking at you, NARS Sheer Glow..)

The Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 foundation promises a 'naturally luminous finish' which is normally what I try to avoid when choosing a foundation - I always go for a matte, shine-free finish. Regardless, I was pretty excited to give this a whirl and see what all the fuss was about.
The first thing I noticed was how incredibly fiddly the packaging is - it's a bit awkward. You have to tap a small amount of product into the lid, swirl the accompanying brush in it, tap off any excess and buff it into the skin. Obviously, it's probably a lot easier with the full size product, but this little sample was downright tricky and fiddly. And the brush is minute. It takes quite a while to buff in the foundation properly and get the finish you're looking for.

The shade I have is called Fairly Light (which made me chuckle, because it sounds so 'colloquial Irish'!) or N10 and it's actually the perfect match for my skin tone. Seriously I couldn't believe it; once I'd buffed it all in, it looked like I didn't really have makeup on at all, just flawless, dewy skin. I'll be honest - I did wait until a good skin day to try this out, because the coverage is very light, but it matched my skin perfectly and I was happy out! (I did have to whip out my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer though, and make a few adjustments, but hey ho, c'est la vie). If you're looking for a medium or full coverage foundation, this definitely isn't for you.

Sadly, this didn't last as long as I had hoped it would, on me. In fact, by late evening it'd pretty much disappeared off my face. Obviously, it's down to my oily skin - I didn't use a primer when I tried this, so that'd be of help.
This foundation has an SPF of 15, which makes it a great foundation for day-time, and as it has a light coverage and a dewy finish, it'd be very summertime appropriate. 

If I were to purchase a full size Bare Minerals foundation, I'd probably go for the Ready SPF 20 foundation, because it has more coverage and a more matte finish. I actually got my makeup done in Bare Minerals in BT2 a week after I got this sample, and the lady advised the Ready foundation over the Original, because of my oily / combination skin.

Anyway, enough rambling- it'd make a great day-time foundation for over the summer, because it has a light coverage, dewy finish and SPF 15. It's probably more suited to those with dry / normal skin, because it doesn't accentuate dry patches. Plus, it's supposed to be good for your skin, as Bare Minerals claim its "makeup so light, you can sleep in it" - although of course, I wouldn't advise sleeping in your makeup, no matter how light..
You can purchase the Bare Minerals Original foundation in Brown Thomas or Debenhams for €28.

Have you tried the Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 foundation? Sound good to you? xo

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