Review: L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover


I initally bought the L'Oreal Gentle Make-Up Remover (Eye) when I first read about the Eye & Lip version on milkteef's blog. She raved about that version, so of course I went on a hunt for it in Boots! This particular one, specially formulated to remove eye makeup, was on offer at the time - I think I got it for €2? - so I snapped it up.

This makeup remover is enriched with pro-vitamin, and is intended to gently and effectively remove eye makeup. It has a "refreshing formula" and is suitable for those with sensitive eyes, and also contact lens wearers. I fall into neither category, so I can't really vouch for that claim, but this is very gentle on the eyes - I've used eye makeup removers that just sting and itch the eyes, and are really more hassle than they're worth. This product does no such thing, thankfully.

I had quite high hopes for this product, from reading different reviews that sang its praises, but honestly, I think I've tried better. It does remove eye makeup, but finds it a little tough to take off waterproof mascara (the bane of every eye makeup remover brand's life, I suspect). It works best when you apply it to a cotton wool pad and leave it pressed gently against the closed eyelid for a while, then you just wipe away the makeup. It's an okay product, I just wasn't really blown away by it. Maybe I set my expectations too high? Probably.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get the L'Oreal Gentle Make-Up Remover here in Boots for €4 normally, although it's currently €1 off. Note that the packaging has changed since I bought it! If you want to try the Eye & Lip version, you can get it here for €7.49.

Have you tried either L'Oreal Make-Up Remover? Are you a fan? xo

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