Review: Maybelline Fit Me Powder


I recently dug the Maybelline Fit Me Powder out of my makeup stash, having forgotten it was there (oops), and decided to give it another go. I've had this for quite a while, and used to use it a lot (clearly, because I hit pan!), but then I discovered my HG powder, the Rimmel Stay Matte, and haven't looked back since. However, I switched back to Maybelline's Fit Me for a while, so I could share my thoughts with you all.

The Maybelline Fit Me powder comes in a sleek, classy-looking black plastic box. Inside it has two layers: the product itself and a little compartment to hold the accompanying powder puff. There's also a mirror in the second section - perfect if you're bringing this with you for on-the-go top ups. I wouldn't recommend using the powder puff though - these things are pretty useless, you're much better off with a powder brush. 

The Maybelline Fit Me powder promises "natural coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be; fresh, breathing, flawless". One little concern I had about this, though, was the shade: 120 Ivory. I usually use a translucent powder, so it doesn't affect the colour of my makeup. This one can do so ever so slightly, however, depending on how much you use, which is annoying. It does feel really light though, and thankfully, doesn't cake my makeup.
As for shine control, it's not as good as Rimmel's Stay Matte. The Maybelline Fit Me powder keeps shine under control for about three / four hours, before needing a top up.

It is a cute little compact though, and if your skin is more so on the dry side of life, then this will probably suit you better. I, however, need powders that will keep my oily skin under control, and make my makeup last throughout the day. Sadly, Fit Me just didn't cut it.

You can buy Maybelline's Fit Me powder in Boots for €8.99. The price is another off-putting factor for me - roughly €9 for 9g of product, when Stay Matte is almost €6 for 14g. Fit Me certainly won't be making HG status anytime soon, but maybe I'll make more use of it in the winter months, when my skin gets a little drier.

What's your favourite setting powder? Have you tried this one?

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