Review: Rimmel Matte BB Cream


First of all, I know it's not the most glamorous photo on this blog, but I had taken photos of this before I'd used it, and they turned out awful, so I had to scrap them and take photos as it was... Apologies!

Anyway: Rimmel are the one of the latest beauty brands to jump onboard the BB Cream bandwagon - BB Creams were certainly more popular last year. It seems everyone has since abandoned them and instead followed the CC cream hype. However, Rimmel's offering is a little different to the usual plethora of BB creams on the market - this time around, it's matte.
Rimmel have made quite big claims around this product - it's being marketed as a "9-in-1 skin perfecting super makeup", with an SPF 15. The 9 promises are as follows: to reduce the appearance of pores, even the skin tone, mattify, smooth, soothe, conceal dark circles, prevent blemishes, control shine and give all day coverage. Whew.

The first thing I noticed as I applied this is the smell. I'm talking the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation smell - some love, I loathe. The second thing was how it was too dark for my skin - there are two shades of this product, light and medium, and the light shade gave me an almost orangey glow. Attractive, no? 
I blended it all in regardless using my fingertips until it was totally even. Out of all of the wonderful claims Rimmel made about this product, I noticed maybe one of them taking effect. It sort of concealed my dark under eye circles - and even then, I applied some concealer on top to get rid of them properly. My skin wasn't even or totally smooth or pore free. I have quite large pores and they were still visible after applying this. My skin tone was patchy and far from even, plus definitely much too dark. It was totally mattified either, which was incredibly disappointing.

It's safe to say that I really don't like this product. It doesn't suit my skin at all and does nothing for me - it just gave me an orangey glow and I still needed concealer and powder to get a somewhat decent finish. A huge disappointment, considering I'm such a fan of the brand. If you're looking for a good BB cream, I'd suggest you try Maybelline's Dream Fresh. Its light shade is actually light - I haven't tried its matte counterpart, though. This, however, is a big no-no from me, Rimmel.

Have you tried Rimmel's Matte BB Cream? xo

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