A Day in Blanch'


Can you tell I’m running out of ideas for haul post titles?!

Anyway, last Saturday, I took a trip to the ‘wonderland’ that is Blanchardstown shopping centre, in Dublin 15. I say ‘wonderland’, because to a small town culchie like me, the array of shops and restaurants and everything else is just uh-mazing. I discovered that within this array of stores lies the Irish flagship Boots store i.e. the biggest darn Boots I’ve ever seen. It was Ciara heaven!

So, lo and behold, I went in and came away with a few little purchases. I went in in search of a brown-toned pink lipstick, akin to the famous shade Kylie Jenner’s been sporting recently. Unfortunately, the particular lip lacquer I was looking for wasn’t in stock, so I spent a while browsing through other makeup stands for a similar shade, and came away with this gorgeous lipstick from the Max Factor Colour Elixir range. It’s called ‘Rosewood’ and is a deep dusky pink with a brown undertone. Since there was a 3 for 2 on Max Factor (and since I’m not one to miss out on a good deal), I bought a similar looking lip liner from the same range, in the shade, ‘Mauve Moment’, and I got an eyebrow pencil for free: yippee! I'm quite excited to try these, because I've never heard much about nor tried Max Factor products before - although having said that, their Face Finity Primer seems to be a hit lately!

I also browsed through the Seventeen stand – there’s an unbelievable amount of Seventeen products on my wishlist, because they've seriously upped their game in terms of quality recently! I picked up the High Drama Intense Liquid Liner, in the colour ‘Blackest Black’. This little liner was only €5 – I've got high hopes!

It’s not really an Irish shopping trip unless you visit Penneys (a.k.a. Primark), is it? With that in mind, I ventured into the massive Penneys store, and was slightly disappointed. Either I was getting really tired and not-that-bothered, or there just wasn’t a lot in store, I don’t know, but nothing really impressed me that much. Nonetheless, I got a cute little pastel blue tshirt, with a pretty anchor-and-heart print, for €3. Happy out!

Have you bought anything nice in Boots or Primark recently? xo

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