A Month In Review #5


May has come and gone - hard to believe, isn't it? It's finally summertime and I'm completely free till the end of September, it's fantaaasstic!
So what's been happening in the last four weeks?

I turned nineteen on May 16th, and spent the day out doing what I do best (i.e. shopping), and then spent the evening having cocktails with some of my closest chums.

Google getting onboard the birthday spirit // bday cake with random numbers, as you do // selfie with my best pal Niamh
It was then back into exams and studying for two weeks, complaints about which appeared frequently on my Twitter and Instagram...
Just before my last exam, myself and two of my college pals went to the Camden Rotisserie on Camden St., D2, for lunch and it was b-e-a-utiful. It's a really cool little restaurant quite close to college, and the food is amaaaaaaaazing. The pic below still makes me drool.

Cramming Irish grammar // Beautiful lunch in Camden Rotisserie. NOM.
I finally finished on May 23rd and have spent my days just chilling out ever since. The weather's been super recently - I really hope I'm not jinxing it by writing this! - but it's been nice just to lie out under the sun and read for the last while, the perfect post exam antidote. 

Other than that, I've not been up to much. I've been Instagramming a helluva lot more (I swear I'm addicted), so if you're a fan of pics of sunshine-y weather, makeup and the occasionally selfie, feel free to giv'iz a follow @_ciararara!

Blogwise, I've given CP a good ol' makeover - I spent three hours or so (I know), searching through templates then battling good old HTML woes and I think I've finally got it right. I definitely like the homepage layout a lot more than my old one, I think it looks much cooler! I hope you're all enjoying CP's new look as much as I am!

As for posts, the most popular this month were....

If you haven't read 'em yet, get reading!

Content-wise, I'm hoping to mix things up a little bit over the coming months. I want to start doing fashion posts, but OOTD snaps are a little difficult without a decent camera and a 'photographer'.. I want to incorporate more lifestyle and things I like other than beauty into the blog too - there will always be the usual beauty posts, of course, but I'm hoping to bring literature into the mix somewhere (another great love of my life). It's all just musings at the minute, but all going well, there may be some different content popping up on the blog over the next few weeks - content that I hope you all thoroughly enjoy, of course!

That's pretty much it for this month, folks. Hope you've enjoyed this post - don't forget to have a peep at my May Favourites too, which I posted yesterday. As always, thanks for reading! XO

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