Review: Jericho Hand Cream


We all know how utterly important it is to keep our skin happy and in tip top condition. Whilst many of us like to focus on facial skincare, looking after your hands is equally as important! It's certainly not difficult - a good hand cream will certainly do most of the work, and keep your hands hydrated and soft.

I've been trying the Jericho Hand Cream - this cream is enriched with natural sea minerals and is suitable for all skin types. It's also paraben free and hypoallergenic - although ask me what either of those means and I'll be stumped... basically, it's full of goodness! Yay!
It's actually made in Israel, so it's enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea itself.

When it comes to hand creams, scent is quite important - it's a product you're going to use often, and if it has a nasty or tacky scent, you're not really going to be enticed to use it, are you? However, this one's quite unusual. Because of all the sea minerals going on, the scent has got that salty sea vibe. It wouldn't be to my tastes, but I'm sure there are others that would think differently!

It's important that you're careful with how much of this stuff you actually apply to your hands. A tiny bit too much and your skin becomes a slippery mess. I'm not sure if I've reaped many benefits from using this hand cream - it can sometimes leave my hands feeling a little dehydrated, which kind of defeats the purpose. Whatever the reason, my skin and this Jericho hand cream don't really get along!

I did search the web thoroughly when looking for a site where you can buy this from - it's not found in the likes of Boots or Superdrug, but you can of course buy it on Amazon or eBay (let's face it, they pretty much sell everything). You can also pick it up on the Jericho Cosmetics website, but there doesn't seem to be a price on the site... odd.

Have you ever tried the Jericho hand cream? xo

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