Review: Sudocrem Skin Care Cream


I'd almost guarantee there's not a house in Ireland that doesn't have a hefty tub of Sudocrem stashed away somewhere. Sudocrem is famous for its Antiseptic Healing cream's multiple uses: everything from healing cuts and grazes to tackling acne and eczema.

However, I've been trying out a different product from Sudocrem - its Skin Care Cream*, specially formulated for teenage and young adult skin to tackle spot-prone, flaky or irritated areas on the skin. It's said to be a "grown up" version of the Antiseptic Healing cream, and can be used daily, to help soothe and protect problematic skin. It can also be used on dry patches, such as elbows and knees, and even sunburn - perfect for this time of year! (I recently had a little run-in with a curling wand that resulted in a very minor burn on my collarbone, and this cream reduced its redness and size overnight! Also can you tell I'm not very good at hair styling!?)

The Sudocrem Skin Care cream comes in a handy little tube, with 30g of product. Its compact size makes it easy to take anywhere with you, be it in your handbag or hand luggage, or to keep it stored away in a desk drawer, bathroom cabinet or car glove box, there to be used when necessary.

I've been using this spot treatment every night since it appeared in my post box a couple of weeks ago, and I've seen some superb results. This skin care cream is wonderful if you're looking to reduce redness, and with continuous use, can even clear blemishes. I've even found that it can reduce those nasty under-the-skin spots overnight - just make sure you apply the cream as early as possible. It's probably best to use this at night, because obviously, no one wants to go around with loads of white Sudocrem dotted around their faces in the day time... With a little patience, it can be blended into a translucent shade, but I find it's just easier to leave it be and only apply at night.

Personally, I can't really find fault with this product. It's an absolute bargain too, because it's only €2.49 in Boots. Perfect for those on a budget - who needs fancy French skincare, eh? ;)

Have you tried Sudocrem's Skin Care cream?

Ciara xo

Products marked with an * have been sent to me for the purpose of a review. Read my full disclaimer HERE.

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