Summer Nails


Much like the dark reds, purples and blacks of winter, and the pretty girly pastels favoured in spring, summer has its own popular nail shades and for most, it's bright pops of colour, as bold or neon as possible, usually chosen to truly bring out an awesome tan and compliment the bolds, brights and whites of summer and festival fashion. Today, I'm going to talk you through my favourite summer nail shades!

This blue toned pink is such a Barbie-esque colour, which is why I chose it in Boots some time ago. I love pink, and for summer I'm ditching the pretty pastels in favour of this bold, bright pink. It's just a fabulous colour, I love it!

Guava is a gorgeous aqua / blue green that I find really compliments a tan. It's the latest addition to my nail polish stash and I can't get enough of it. Blues and greens are brilliant summer shades and they're the kind of colours that would almost go with everything.

If you're not a fan of the greeny hues of Guava, then you might favour a gorgeous cobalt blue like this one from Rimmel's I <3 Lasting Finish collection. Loafer Love For You also looks brilliant with a sparkly top coat, as demonstrated here, if you fancy that extra bit of bling!

For summertime, I love to go all out with manicures and what better way to do so than with a chunky gold top coat? Treasure Chest is perfect for this, and is so versatile because gold will look fab with so many colours, plus you can even wear it through winter - festive nails, anyone?

What are your favourite nail shades for summer? xo

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