A Week in Photos #2


Hey everyone!

So this isn't quite an entire week in photos but I really enjoyed doing the first post in this series, so I thought I'd share some photos from the last few days.

Last Wednesday involved quite a lot of what I like to call agribants (agricultural banter, geddit?). Our neighbourinos and extended family were hosting the IHFA Open Day, and although I don't know a lot about it, it's a pretty big deal in the world of Irish holstein farming. They were lucky enough to get a gloriously sunny day amid a week of pretty mediocre weather. Over 2,800 people visited the farm and our little hometown, which is in a very rural part of Ireland. It was crazy!

On Friday I took a trip to town with my momma and picked up some new skincare / haircare bits. We stopped for lunch in a coffee house called Esquires and I had a very fabulous cappucino and a slightly disappointing bagel, with bacon, chicken and lettuce. It was okaaaay, I've had better and I definitely wasn't too enthusiastic about the garnish they chose for the salad but oh, well. The coffee certainly made up for it!

Sunday last involved a little family trip out to visit our dear Granddad. Myself and my two little sisters spent some time in the forestry behind his house, whereupon we met his little rabbit. How cute is she!! I have about a million photos of the little cutie on my phone, just awwww.

Finally, Monday last was spent in good old Blanchardstown with friends, where we shopped for a good five hours and had chocolate brownie milkshades in Eddie Rockets which were uh-mazing. I wish I'd gotten a picture, they were just soooo delish. Eddie Rockets' milkshakes are just to diiieee for.

And that was my last few days or so. I also threw in a picture of my mom's homemade chocolate caramel cake bars because, well, WOW. They're amaaaazing. If you wanna see more from my mom's fab baking skillz, then have a look at her Facebook page. She does insanely cool cakes, including minion ones(!!).
That's all from me for today - we're hoping to get to the zoo this week, as my baby sister (who's the grand old age of six!) hasn't been yet and is absolutely dying to go. All we need is some good weather on the Dublin side of things and we're set. Here's hoping!

Ciara xo

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