Barbie Nails with Barry M


Heeeeeeeey everyone!

One thing I haven't spoken about on here in a looong time is nails - purely because I haven't really been painting 'em that much. I've been leaving them polish-less for a couple of weeks to give them a break; they tend to get weak and start breaking after too many weeks beneath polish, so I just whack on some Nail Nurse and let it do it's thing.

The other day, however, I rekindled my love for Barbie nails with one of my old favourites from last year - Barry M's Bright Pink. It's the perfect blue-toned pink for bold Barbie-esque nails. Pink isn't something I wear too often, although it is one of my favourite colours. I just find that the typical blue-toned pinks do nothing for my skin tone. But I can't really resist pink nails, which is why this polish is one of my favourites.

Pictured above is the polish after three coats, plus clear base and top coats, to help protect both the nail and the polish. Nail pictures are really hard to take without making them look... weird, aren't they? The one above certainly isn't glamorous, but oh well.

Are you a fan of Barbie nails?

Ciara xo

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