Review: Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Rosewood


Truth be told, Max Factor aren't a brand I know a lot about. Up until about a month ago, I'd never used any of their products. However, this lipstick from their Colour Elixir range is quickly becoming one of my favourites.

I chose the shade Rosewood way back when in June on a shopping spree in Blanchardstown - I'd been looking for a Kylie Jenner-esque shade for the longest time, and this one seemed to fit the bill. It's quite a nineties-esque nude, with hints of dusky pink and brown: very different from anything in my collection. I'm actually very much in love with this shade - I've hardly worn anything else since I bought it! I've never been content with typical nude lipsticks, but this one is just wonderful - although not quite the coveted 'my lips but better' that I'm still seeking!

Formula-wise, it's pretty good. It has quite typical wear time, of three / four hours before topping up is required. Pigmentation is brilliant, and the texture is so soft and creamy. The only thing that annoys me is the slightly off-putting scent and taste, but these thankfully don't last very long.

The packaging is quite nice, although perhaps slightly dated. I love the X imprint on the bullet itself  - I just love little details like that!

Overall, it's a winner: the formula's good, not the best, but I'm willing to overlook it all because I just love the colour so much! I've been pairing this with a similarly toned lip pencil (keep an eye out for a review soon!) - and together they've been my go-to lip pairing this summer.
The Max Factor Color Elixir lipsticks are €10.59 in Boots, where Max Factor products are currently on a 3 for 2!

Have you tried any of Max Factor's Color Elixir lipsticks?

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