Review: Rimmel Natural Bronzer


Last time I ventured into my nearest Boots (which has surprisingly been a while), I discovered that Rimmel were offering a free bronzer with every purchase exceeding €12. Thus, I immediately selected two Rimmel products (both of which I'm luurving, and you can read about one here), and came home with my free bronzer, happy out.

The Rimmel Natural Bronzer offers an SPF of 15, and is, apparently, waterproof, which I thought was quite unusual. It promises ten hours of wear - and certainly lives up to this claim. I've been reaching for this bronzer over any other similar powder in my collection since I bought it some weeks ago, and am loving it. It's matte, and doesn't have that tacky orange tone that some bronzers do, thus it offers a nice, natural finish and is great for contouring. I apply this in a figure of 3 each side of my face - blended along my temples, beneath my cheekbones and along my jawline, for a more defined, yet natural look.

The shade I chose was Sun Bronze, because it was the only shade on the stand at the time - yes, these rural Boots stores at home are nothing compared to my favourite Dublin ones! It's quite light, so should suit most light and pale skin tones. The only thing I don't like about this is the scent - why oh why do Rimmel insist on scenting their products?!

Basically: I love this - it's great. It makes my skin all summery and sunkissed without giving off an overdone orange vibe. It lasts all day long - I can't say I've tested the waterproof claim though. The SPF is an added bonus, and makes it the perfect bronzing powder for summertime. It's only €7.35 in Boots, but if you hurry, you can get it for free!

Have you tried the Rimmel Natural Bronzer?

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