'Bare Faced' Summer Beauty


Although it's now August, suddenly I’m finally beginning to embrace the whole concept of going bare faced in summer. Up until recently, I’ve never been overly confident or happy about my skin. It’s oily for the most part, and I’ve always had problems with congestion and break outs, which tend to knock my self-esteem quite a bit. Naturally, with shaky confidence about my skin, I’d slap on as much makeup as necessary, to imitate a healthier complexion.

However, since shaking up my skincare routine and being more tentative towards the condition of my skin, and my body’s overall health, I have had less breakouts and the congestion on my cheeks has cleared dramatically. Can I get a hallelujah?! Whilst my skin may not be totally flawless, I no longer need to wear as much makeup, and thus have been embracing a more bare faced look.

Which brings me to what's exactly in my four product face. Well, as you can imagine (and see from the photo above, obvs) it's very simple. I dab some Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength concealer (€24, full size, Boots) onto blemishes and dark circles (it works wonders on the latter, because it's so light and creamy). I sweep some Maybelline Fit Me powder (€8.99, Boots) across my skin - cheeks, forehead, along the nose, etc., to mattify my oily skin a little, and add some very minimal coverage. It's not translucent, so it reduces any redness on my cheeks and makes my skin tone look a little more even.

Two things I can't leave the house without: bold brows and big lashes. They're absolute musts for me. My go-to eyebrow product is a simple pencil from Max Factor (€6.69, Boots). I use whichever mascara takes my fancy, but recently I've been reaching a lot for the Clinique High Impact mascara (€21.50, full size, Boots), as it defines my lashes wonderfully and makes them look super long. Review coming soon, so keep an eye out!

What are your go to products this summer?

Ciara xo

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