I'm Still Here..


...and haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

Hello there! It feels like a million years since I last sat down at a laptop to type anything, let alone write and publish a blog post. How are we doing? Still with me? Good. I hope so.

SO. As I’ve said, it feels like a very long time since I actually published a blog post, although I know I’ve thrown one or two up here or there for a few weeks. And no, I haven’t been suffering from a bout of writer’s block, or lacking in blogger confidence – I’ve just been super, super lazy. And sometimes busy. But mostly lazy.

After all, it’s summer, and I’ve had plans here and there and am just generally reluctant to spend my days in front of a laptop screen – although I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit playing Kim K Hollywood. I’m embarrassingly addicted. Aren’t we all, though?

Anyway, this is just a little catch up post – I’m actually dosed with a stupid cold as of last week, and Murphy’s Law kicked it recently, and decided I might as well have a nice old bout of laryngitis to top it all off. So I haven’t been able to speak all weekend, which absolutely sucks.
So my August thus far has comprised of me lying around feeling ill and sorry for myself, procrastinating with smartphone games, nights out and searching for accommodation for my second year of uni. Which is incredibly frustrating and stressful and we’re growing increasingly worried every day that we may be homeless for second year. Which is just fab!
Although we finally got to view a house yesterday, and so far, so good!

I also started a new job on Monday, which is obviously going to conflict with blogging time. It's all just a bit of a juggling game at the minute, so just bare with me (pretty please). I'll get into some sort of a routine, and hopefully get my work hours sorted asap, and then I'll be back on the blogging train. Yippee!

Anyway, I’m hoping things will pick up around here over the next few weeks. I’ve got a lot of plans for posts and quite a few products to test and review, so I’m not really short of ideas. Just severely lacking in motivation. Oops. Although in saying that, I have absolutely no intentions of ever giving this up - I bloody love blogging, so although I might disappear now and then, I'll always come back. Aw.

Somehow, amid all my laziness, my follower count on Bloglovin’ has actually been increasing rather steadily (!). So thanks very much guys, and welcome! I’m definitely considering another giveaway once we hit 200 on Bloglovin’, so if you’re not already subscribed over there, get to it! I’ve been updating the old Facebook page quite a lot recently, so if you’re interested, you can go give us a like. Always, always appreciated, of course.

Now enough plugging - I definitely hope to become more active once summer slides into autumn – even though I’ll have an abundance of college assignments, I’ll hopefully have more time for blogging. I think once I get back into some kind of routine, there’ll be less lazy days and more productivity. I hope anyway. I’m super excited for autumn actually, even though I love the (sometimes) warm summer days and effortless outfits. I’m getting really excited for dark colours and berry lips (my absolute fave) and new trends. I’ve also been gradually updating my wardrobe for autumn / winter, so there’s quite a few new pieces that I’m just dying to wear!

Okay, that's enough ranting and rambling for one post - sorry about that! I really need to get my lazy ass into gear, and get more organised and whatnot. Here's hoping that happens very very soon!

As always, thank you for reading, following, commenting, etc. It means the absolute world to me - I know this blog is still considered very 'small', but I never expected to grow as it did, within the ten months I've been blogging. So thank you! Much love!

Ciara xo

Thanks to my cousin and dear pal Barry for the above photo - evidence that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth! See! Proof! x

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