September Summary


Why, hello there!

Bit of a generic title for this post, but hey-ho, it is what it is.

Early adolescent me wouldn't dream of thinking this, but honestly, I was so excited for September to roll around this year. Summer holidays are great and all, until it gets to the point where you've been off for four months, and are running out of interesting things to do. September means packing everything up and moving back to Dublin city for another nine months of university - a new academic year, new opportunities, experiences, and hopefully more good memories.

If you follow me on Instagram (@_ciararara BTW), I don't think any of these will be new, but I thought I'd upload them anyway, because I love having a little personal touch here on the blog, now and then.

So what have I been up to?

1. Lunch in Milano's on moving day, which was just diviiiiine. | 2. Chillin' on the rooftop balcony of my friend's new apartment in Blanchardstown - I know I've used this photo on here before but I just think it's coool. | 3. Our first Monday back, we had a three hour break between lectures, so obviously cocktails were in order... | 4. We're studying shorthand this year, which looks like complete and utter nonsense (and kind of is). Bllehhhhh.

5. Can you believe it's the end of Company magazine?! It's the only magazine I buy and now it's gone totally digital... sob. I loved the matte paper and quirky photos and fonts the Company team always used, I'ma miss it so much! | 6. Little hipster-esque waiting-for-a-train photo for y'all there. | 7. Pancakes in Taste Food Co. on South William St., D2. We have a two hour break between our Irish and Business & Finance lectures on a Wednesday, so we've established a new little tradition of going to new places each week for breakfast. Those pancakes were unreeeal, especially when drizzled with Nutella and salted caramel.

8. A little OOTD from about a week or two ago - coat's from Exhibit, skirt, tights and bag are Penney's / Primark, and the stripy top is a new favourite of mine, from New Look! | 9. Had my first Wagamama's this week - shocker, I know. Chicken katsu curry is the one. | 10. Quirky little sign from outside the Whitefriar Grill that was just asking to be Instagrammed, let's be honest.. | 11. Crepes from Lemon, on South William St, with heaps of Nutella in the middle, and fresh strawberries and cream... Wednesdays are now my favourite day of the week!

What have YOU been up to?

Ciara xo

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