(Realistic) Goals For 2015


I couldn't end a year without sharing my goals for the next one, so without further ado, here are my goals for 2015. Now, upon first impression, it may seem like quite the list, but don't go getting the idea that I'm the kind of person with actual motivation and determination to complete extravagant goals like eating better and exercising more. God, no. These are all slightly more realistic and achievable - well, for me, anyway.
  • Read more: I do read quite a bit, but I have a habit of re-reading things I love - which isn't necessarily a bad thing but next year, I really want to broaden dem horizons, you feel?
  • Get through second year of uni: ...without failing / having a 2007 Britney moment. And also, the first semester of third year in September. Other academic goals include: improve my knowledge of an teanga Gaeilge (which will help somewhat with the not-failing-college goal) and get through the dreaded Shorthand module. Shudders.
  • Stop nail biting: as gross as it is, I have a horrible habit of biting my nails, cuticles, etc. I know, eeewwwww and also not very beauty blogger like (!). But I plan on kicking that habit next year, along with my other horrible habits, like impulse buying and extreme procrastination. Ha.
  • Learn some basic photography skillz: I got a bridge camera for Crimbo this year (at a fraction of its normal price - thank youuuu Black Friday!) and I'm determined to 'up my photography game' as it were, as I'm quite the photography n00b at the minute. So any kind of photography knowledge will do...
  • Improve my blog: this is practically a life goal at this stage, but what I really mean is: set some kind of blogging schedule and stick to it (1-2 posts a week, fingers crossed, and a little more frequently during the summer), improve my knowledge of all that HTML jibber jabber (something I've done ever so slightly this year, thanks to having a good old friend who studies Creative Digital Media in uni!), and just improve my content over all.
  • Take better care of my skin: i.e. be more attentive when it comes to washing my face (morning and night, for God's sake, Ciara) and treat it with face masks more often. I am generally pretty good when it comes to skincare - it's always when I'm having good skin days that I get lazy, which then leads to it freaking out and getting crap again... it's a vicious cycle, really. I don't think I've ever gone to sleep with my makeup still on - something I'm kinda proud of, sadly enough...
  • Save money: I'm a terrible impulse buyer, oohhh my god. I want to save money this year, which will be tough - living dat student life and all - but I'm determined to try, at the very least.
  • Stay positive, be happy: I'm not saying I'm unhappy now - I am generally quite happy go lucky, and very grateful to lead the life I do. I realise how damn fortunate I am, and although I can complain from time to time, I know things could be a lot worse. So I hope to retain this optimistic outlook, and just be happy throughout 2015. I know, I'm no Kendall Jenner with a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe, but I am super grateful for everything I do have, and I'm going to continue to embrace this good fortune. And I hope you all do too! :-) 
P.S. I was jesting earlier with what I said about exercise and healthy eating - they are excellent goals to have, and I'd love if I had the motivation to do that but, well, I'm a second year university student living away from home - of course I'm going to eat terribly and lie around like a slob! It's a great life! ;)

What are your goals for 2015? Do share - I'd love to read them!

Ciara xo

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