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When looking to buy a new foundation, I often tend to do a hell of a lot of research. I could spend hours searching through my favourite beauty blogs for foundation recommendations, or various web articles on the best foundations for oily and combination skin. It's something I'd advise anyone to do - when buying foundation, it has to be just right.

One that continuously made appearances in my search was the Revlon ColorStay Makeup, formulated for combination and oily skin. It's been on my wishlist for so long, I'm surprised it took me to just before Christmas to actually buy it.

Revlon ColorStay is a full coverage foundation - the first one I've tried, I think - and has a 'velvet-y' matte finish. The coverage is quite flawless (especially with a little help from Seventeen Phwoarr Paint) and the lightest shade, 110 Ivory, is a great match for my pale skin (I was going to add a photo of the swatch blended into my skin, but it blends so well there's nearly no point! It also photographed a little darker than it is, for some reason). It is an SPF foundation (only SPF 15), but because it's so low, there's little chance of that horrible flashback when you take photos with a flash. Phew.

Much to my delight, this foundation stays flawless all day with a little help from some powder. It has amazing staying power - I could apply this at 8am and it'll still be perfect by 11pm. Be cautious with applying powder though, as too much will make quite a cakey-looking mess - I'd use a little bit of Rimmel Stay Matte on my T-zone, and leave it at that. Oily skinned girls rejoice - I haven't had to reapply powder at all when wearing this, it keeps things shine-free all day. 

So, onto the downsides: the packaging looks great, and I like the simplicity of it all, which is just classic Revlon; but the problem is the lack of pump. Trying to dispense product is a little messy, if you're clumsy like me, and it can be easily wasted if you're not careful. Just a head's up!

This foundation is actually quite heavily fragranced, which worried me at first, because usually strong scented foundation equals major breakouts for my oily skin. It's been my 'go to', as they say, for the last month, and no sign of any breakouts thus far. Hurray! The scent doesn't linger very long either, it just seems quite strong upon initial application.

Thankfully, the positives really outweigh the minor little negatives with this one: flawless, even coverage, mattifying the skin all day, a great pale skin match - it's definitely a winner!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination / Oily Skin is €17.79 in Boots, and is worth every penny.

Have you tried this Revlon foundation?

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