Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick | 30


I'm pretty sure you all know the score with these Rimmel lipsticks at this stage - budget friendly, highly pigmented with good staying power - but I've fallen in love with one of the latest releases (I say 'latest', I think it was the end of last summer...) and had to share it with you all.

30 is a very wintery berry-toned purple, with hints of red. It's very much on the daring side of things - well, for me, anyway - but is pretty much the epitome of a winter lipstick.

For whatever reason, 30 isn't quite as creamy in formulation as predecessors, but is just as wonderfully pigmented, and lasts just as long. Having said that, it's definitely not the kind of lipstick you'd want to wear when eating out, because it gets super messy, annoyingly enough!

Other than that, I can't really fault it - it's the kind of lipstick that just makes you feel fabulous, y'know? It perks up any outfit, and looks great with minimal eye makeup day or night. I can't get enough of these sleek black bullets - I must have about six in my collection as it is - but at €6.99, who can blame me?

Available in Boots here.

Are you a fan of Kate's famous Rimmel lipsticks?

Ciara x

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