Exploring Dublin & A Little Side Project


One of my main aims of 2015 is to 'up' my photography game, and try my hardest to use my bridge camera to its full potential. In recent weeks, I've spent a lot of time, outside of college, exploring my beloved Dublin city, and taking my camera with me.

In this post, I wanted not only to share some of my favourite photos with you all, but to introduce you to a little 'side project' I've started. I basically want to be able to share all of my 'photography' online, but somewhere outside of this blog. I kind of want to keep Ciara Pocket for everything beauty and fashion related, so with that in mind, I created a Tumblr based photo blog, which you can all check out here. Feel free to follow if you've got Tumblr accounts of your own!

So this is probably the last batch of city photos I'll share here on this blog - if you're a fan of pretty city pictures, then hit up the oul' Tumblr.

Thanks in advance to anyone who does check it out, and follows, I appreciate it!

Ciara x

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