Five Make Up Must-Haves


Introducing my five make-up must-haves, these little beauties could also be called the 'desert island' products. You know, the old cliché of 'if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring five things...'. Well, in a less extreme sense, these are the five make-up products I simply cannot be without. Enjoy...

I've gone through so many of these over the last two years, I've actually lost count. Rimmel's famous Stay Matte powder is an absolute essential if you're in any way prone to oily skin, like me, and hate the 'shiny skin' look (unless, of course, it's the result of a dewy foundation... logic). Stay Matte is a lifesaver in terms of keeping shine at bay, and setting foundation. I've bought the transparent version so many times, and will continue to do so forever more. The end.


Cat-flicked eyeliner is perhaps my favourite makeup look ever, and I think if my entire makeup collection were to disappear off the face of the earth, and I could only repurchase a handful of items, an eyeliner pen would certainly be one of them. My current liquid-y liner buddy is the L'Oréal Perfect Slim Super Liner, which is a highly pigmented, sleek, easy-to-use felt tip pen that makes even me look like a cat-flick genius. I've yet to post a full review of this liner, but keep an eye out - it's a-comin'!

I can't believe I didn't think of this one earlier, and scramble to write it at the top of this list - again, if I were stuck in the same situation as described above, mascara would probably be my number one grab. I can't go without it - it's kind of sad, really, but I just love the way it opens up my eyes, lengthens, darkens and lifts up my eyelashes and just makes me a little more alive-looking than makeup-less me, if that makes sense. Clinique's High Impact mascara is a long-time favourite of mine, for those very reasons.


Again, eyebrows. Can't leave the house without them filled in to perfection, can we? I love the Max Factor eyebrow pencil because it's got a handy little brush, and is a perfect match for my eyebrows. I've yet to try any eyebrow gels or mascaras, but with such a great pencil companion, I don't think I need to!

Whereas I think I could probably live without a foundation, I know for a fact I couldn't go without concealer. Seventeen's Phwoarr Paint has been my go-to of late - it's quite a heavy-duty concealer that really packs a punch and comes in a handy little compact with an accompanying mirror. I love this because despite being heavy, it's also quite creamy and blends really easy. It's good on under eye circles and brilliant on blemishes - I love it.

What are your 'desert island' products?

Ciara x

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