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Can we take a moment to acknowledge just how stunning these Ciaté polishes are? The cherry atop the metaphorical cake was that both of these nail polishes were under a fiver in TK Maxx. I know. Bargain of the year, for sure!

On the left is a gorgeous, creamy pastel green called 'Sweet Pea', and on the right we have a beautiful pale grey, called 'Cream Soda'. Both are packaged in what are probably the prettiest nail polish bottles I've ever seen - sleek and petite, adorned with a cute black bow. If anything, these would look absolutely gorgeous sitting pretty on a dressing table..

Excuse my slightly messy cuticles in the above photo (which really doesn't exhibit just how fabulous these polishes are in 'real life', might I add!). I was surprised to find a difference in formula between the two - Cream Soda is quite thin and runny in consistency,  and needs three coats to be totally opaque (although this is pretty normal for such a pale polish). Meanwhile, Sweet Pea is slightly thicker, definitely more opaque, needing only one thick coat and a slightly thinner one on top just to be sure. 

They dried rather quickly, and interestingly enough, Sweet Pea turned out to be matte, whereas Cream Soda had a gorgeous glossy finish. The thin formula is also a blessing - they're less likely to peel off easily, unlike thicker polishes (I'm looking at you, Barry M Gelly paints..).
As for length of wear, I found that these lasted pretty well, with only minimal tip wear after five to six days. Definitely a worthy investment!

I went looking for links for sites that stock Ciaté polishes for you guys, and happy days - you can purchase Ciaté from Fragrance Direct for an astonishing €2.75! Pretty crazy to think that the RRP is something like €12... I bought the above two for €5.99 and €4 in TK Maxx, so it's worth a rummage in there too, if you're not interested in paying delivery charges for a couple of nail polishes. They're also stocked in pharmacies across Ireland, and in Arnotts, if you're looking for specific shades.

Have you tried Ciaté's paint pots? Got any favourites?

Ciara x

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