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You won't believe the nightmare I had trying to get a decent photo of these three foundations, for this edition of Save, Spend, Splurge. Foundations just aren't that aesthetically pleasing, are they? Plus all of the usual lighting problems, *grumbles incoherently*...

Anyway, today I'm comparing three foundations from different price ranges, to see if it's really worth splashing the cash in Debenhams for an expensive foundation, or if you're better off saving your pennies in Boots. I tried to pick as similar foundations as I could: these three are all rather dewy, with promises of an illuminating finish, anti-fatigue effects, etc. etc. Note that these are all the palest shades available in their ranges, and I hope that despite the horrendous photo above, you can really notice the difference! So here we go!:


Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation was a big blogger favourite about two years ago. It promised a radiant glow, the idea being that this foundation would 'visibly reawaken' your skin. I had a love / hate relationship with this for the guts of a year, which ended up being more on the 'hate' side of things. It smells horrendous, which ultimately, made my skin break out so much. The shade range isn't great either - 100 Ivory was the lightest when I bought this first, I'm not sure if they've brought out paler ones since, but it's much too dark and slightly orange-y too. It's such a shame, because I really do like the packaging! (Would I be right in thinking it used to be cheaper, too? I could've sworn it was under a tenner...)


Another blogger favourite, I believe. The Bourjois Healthy Mix is similarly dewy in finish, without the SPF. It does give the skin a healthy glow, as promised, and lasts really well - even on oily skin. This is also scented, but it smells gorgeous and fruity, and funnily enough, never broke me out. Bourjois' Healthy Mix is one of my favourite high street foundations - although the lightest shade, Light Vanilla, is a tiny bit too dark. I can't wait to start wearing this again come summertime!


Benefit's Hello Flawless! foundation offers a much lighter coverage than the other two on this list, but again, it has the dewy finish, healthy glow and all the rest. Out of the three, this definitely matches my skin tone the best, although it may lean a little too yellow. It's definitely lighter in formulation than the other two, as well - it doesn't last very long on my oily skin, but I'm sure on drier skin, this would be a dream! I definitely think the €36 price tag is a bit insane, though.


Bourjois Healthy Mix, by far! I love, love, love this foundation; it's such an excellent price, and really proves that you don't have to spend a lot to find a fantastic foundation. I would always go for those mid-range brands when looking for foundation (L'Oréal, Bourjois, Revlon, etc.), instead of the cheaper ones like Rimmel and Seventeen, because I definitely think it's worth spending that little bit more. I'd chose Bourjois over a pricey Benefit foundation any day.

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