Insta Week #1


1 Throwback to a super sunny evening at  Lough Key Forest Park // 2 Reading up on all things Parisian ahead of our trip in July // 3 Fell in love with a really wonderful Albert Camus quote // 4 Kicking off my summer reading list with some George Orwell 

4 Reminiscing on sunny strolls through St. Stephen's Green // 5 Sunshine, where you at?! // 6 Phone evolution through the years... // 7 So. Much. Haaair.

Welcome to the first edition of my Insta week! I know it's quite a cliché series to have on a blog at this stage, but I love reading them on other blogs, and thought they'd be kinda interesting to do.

Not the most interesting week to begin with, but hey, it's a start. The guts of it were spent trying to get back into reading, clearing out my room (which took six hours, no joke) and wondering where the damn summer weather was at, but I did at least manage to get a couple of blog posts up!

This week I shared my seven deadly sins of beauty, talked about my summer reading list and did a little daydreaming about the future.

Things get a little more exciting next week, thankfully - I've got a well overdue trip to Dublin on Monday to see some old pals, and with this alleged heatwave we're supposed to be getting later in the week, there might even be some more OOTDs. Yay!

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